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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Hundreds took to the streets Saturday to make their voices heard to find out exactly what they’re putting on the dinner table.

The demonstration was one of 300 around the world, targeting a St. Louis-based seed giant the protesters say sells genetically modified seeds.

Organizers of the Kansas City rally said about 500 people filled J.C. Nichols Park, finding their way to the demonstration through social media.

They held signs saying, “I am not an experiment!” and “Monsanto keep out.”  Roger Lake, one of the organizers, said he wanted to be a part of this protest.

“Monsanto is a big corporation and what they do is genetically modify our food from our seeds to our animals we eat,” Lake said.

Put simply for 20-year-old Ariel Simpson from Fort Scott, Kan., “It’s poison.  It’s poisoning people,” she said.

Monsanto does not label their genetically modified seeds, because the company isn’t required to do so by the government.  The Food and Drug Administration or FDA, is responsible for any labeling.

Demonstrators said this is one thing they hope will change.

“When you go into the grocery store and buy oranges or apples, or potatoes, that it has GMO’s in it, that if you go get your cat food or your dog food or your horse food has GMO in it, so people have the option to make that choice,” Lake said.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Senate rejected an amendment to let states require labels on food or drinks made with genetically modified ingredients.  The move. reminding demonstrators like Spring Hill resident Tim Lavery, why their presence is so critical.

“I just hope the politicians start waking up and they need to listen to the public,” Lavery said.

Monsanto sent a statement to FOX 4 NEWS, telling us it respects people’s rights to express their opinions on the topic but stands by it’s seeds.  The company said it helps improve agriculture by “… helping farmers produce more from their land while conserving natural resources such as water and energy.”

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