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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This season, Kansas City artists are showing up to show off their love of the Kansas City Chiefs through a new Arrowhead Poster Series.

If you’ve been to Westport recently, you might have already seen work from this week’s artist. Phil Shafer, better known as Sike Style, is the man behind that massive Patrick Mahomes mural on the side of Ale House.

“The mural design inspired what the poster design is,” said Shafer, owner and lead artist of Sike Style Industries.

Shafer is one of eight artists chosen to design a poster that brings each Chiefs home match-up alive with color.

He chose this week’s game for a reason, hoping to convert a couple of Colts fans.

“Indiana’s kind of close to me because my girlfriend’s from Indiana,” Shafer said. “So I’m bringing her parents into town and making them wear Chiefs gear.”

After 20 years creating art in this city, Shafer knows a thing or two about Arrowhead Stadium.

“We’ll definitely be saving our vocal cords for the hypeness,” Shafer said.

He wanted to capture the intensity and volume of Chiefs Kingdom.

“So the whole idea behind the poster is to show, you know, we’re the loudest stadium,” Shafer said. “We’re gonna represent that with this big explosion of shards coming out of the stadium.”

Mahomes sends the hype to another level, but Shafer wanted to highlight another chiefs icon: Priest Holmes.

“He tore it up out there on the field, and we loved watching him,” Shafer said. “So as we’re celebrating 60 years of Chiefs, you know, I wanted to bring back another favorite player and represent him.”

The posters are limited edition, and proceeds go back to support the local arts community.

“It feels really great to be involved with the really awesome local brand and to be able to support yourself doing art,” Shafer said.

The posters are $20 and can be purchased exclusively at the Chiefs Pro Shop. But you better act fast because they are only selling 1,000 of each design.

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