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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — People living in the Eastwood Hills neighborhood of Kansas City, south of the stadium complex are concerned over proposal for homeless pallet-style ‘tiny homes” in their community.

Councilmember Melissa Robinson introduced the resolution to house the project at the Municipal Farm last month.

The location is city-owned and consists of more than 440 acres. However, the plan is having major push back.

“As you say this transitional housing, but the resources are simply not in the area for the palette homes to be successful,” said Anna Wimmer, who lives in the Eastwood Hills community.

Wimmer and others share their concerns about already blighted areas, traffic, infrastructure, and crime.

“All though I don’t know the solution for the houseless, there are taxpaying citizens who need the potholes fixed, who need the trash picked up in the neighborhood, who need sidewalks, who need viable programs, who need the city to clean up,” said Taryn Kelly.

A community meeting was held Tuesday night to discuss the proposal before City Members.

Kansas City Deputy Manager, Kimiko Gilmore was the only city member who attended.

There were several contentious back- and-forth moments as dozens of people asked questions and shared concerns about the potential project.

Gilmore addressed the crowd several times, making it very clear, this is not a set deal and when it does happen, there is a detailed plan.

“There’s trash and crime but with this, that is not that. This is not an encampment that you would see out on the streets or side of the highways or anything. That’s not what this is,” Gilmore said.

The proposal consists of 59, 64-square-foot shelter. According to the city, the community would include full wrap-around services and security.

While before the area was suggested to have very little residential impact, the people who live nearby say that’s not the case.

“The thing is people sometimes see the map with Municipal Farm and think, oh, there’s nothing there. There are things located around and in Municipal Farm including largest community garden in Kansas City,” president, Gale Burrus, said.

President of the Eastwood Hills Neighborhood Association say they are not against the development happening, they are against the proposal happening at the Municipal Farm.

According to the deputy city manager, the city already purchased materials to build pallet homes last year.

City members will be discussing the financial plan of the project at a meeting later this month.

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