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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Heroes get all kinds of donations from food to clothes, but now they need help with paying for a storage unit to house all of those donations.

Inside their storage units are items that will eventually go to a person who is getting off the streets and into a home.

“It’s very important because most of those people walk into those apartments with nothing, we can get them beds and stuff,” said Jennifer McCartney, the founder of Kansas City Heroes.

Kansas City Heroes has partnered with several local non-profits to help people transition out of homelessness.

But now the organization needs more storage units to hold the donations it gets.

“We at least have a storage unit so when somebody says I have that request, I can’t deliever it for a couple of days, we need a place to put it so we don’t lose that donation.

McCartney—who found the organization seven years ago—says the storage units are a temporary solution. She dreams of a building dedicated to helping the houseless.

“We would love one of those abandoned buildings somewhere here in KC. We could do so much more and be centered here in Kansas City and have many volunteers have access to it and make things a lot easier.”

Until they get enough funds, the storage units will have to do.

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