KC pastor reunited with stolen truck after trash truck driver spots it on his route

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A tag on FOX4’s Facebook page helped reunite a KC pastor with his stolen pick-up truck.

On Monday, FOX4 first told you about Jason Johns’ 1996 Ford F250 truck being stolen while parked outside Kansas City Performance Diesel.

“I think I saw your truck over in the Raytown area. So I private messaged him, ‘Man, can you give me a pinpoint? Where did you see it? I’ll go now. I’ll clear my day. And go drive around and try to find it,'” Johns said.

At the same time, someone else who stumbled across the story online had also remembered seeing an old-school white Ford pick-up on his trash truck route near Raytown last week. He called FOX4, and we alerted police.

“I was in my vehicle going to find it, and then I got a call from the Kansas City Police Department saying, ‘Hey. We got your truck. What do you want us do with it? Here’s the address,'” Johns said.

The KC pastor was floored.

He admits, the 2017 crash that totaled his old truck killed one of his children and left another child paralyzed. That coupled with break-ins at the church his family is remodeling and then having his truck stolen all left him feeling beat down.

But to know two total strangers went out of their way to help find his truck meant the world.

“When I saw that truck, it was like a hope filled my heart again, and it was just this sign of like, felt like an ‘Atta boy’ from a higher power,” Johns said.

His truck had scrap lumber, a furnace and dishwasher in the back that don’t belong to him. The inside was stripped apart. But he’s just glad the pick-up has been found.

The cherry on top is that a local group of diesel mechanics who saw FOX4’s story are stepping up to make all the needed repairs at their private garage for free.

“It just blows me away at how many good people are out there, and how many people are willing to sacrifice time, money and their life to do the right thing for good people,” Johns said.

Kansas City Police said there were two other stolen vehicles recovered near the property where Johns’ truck had been left. So far, no arrests have been made.



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