KC Pet Project rescues dog found in dumpster with skull fracture



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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Hit in the head and abandoned, that’s what the KC Pet Project believes happened to a dog found in a Kansas City dumpster on Friday afternoon. The call to animal control came in around 4:30 p.m. after construction workers discovered the dog in a dumpster near ACE Academy.

The KC Pet Project believes it was left for dead on Thursday. But the little guy hasn’t given up. Swaddled in blankets and hooked up to an IV, this two-year-old purebred Shih Tzu is fighting for a chance.

“When he came in he was very still. His injury to his head was causing him to just… he was just very, very still when he got here,” Tori Fugate, Manager of Marketing and Development with the KC Pet Project said.

Dried blood still coats his hair. His eyes open with a slight switch. The KC Pet Project believes a hit to the head caused the skull fracture.

“We, as shelter officials, just don’t understand how a person could do this to a dog,” Fugate said.

It was a construction worker working on-site who discovered the dog around 4:30 p.m., locked inside a grey crate in a dumpster near the African-Centered College Preparatory Academy. The dog is now appropriately named “Ace”.

“The carrier was pretty large. It would take up quite a bit of space inside the dumpster so that may have been what caught their eye.  But fortunately, they did look in there and got him out and now we are monitoring him,” Fugate said.

The shelter said this is a sad but common story, one they deal with on an almost daily basis.

“So far this week we’ve had over 200 pets in since Sunday. It’s the summer, we are seeing a huge influx of animals coming in,” Fugate said.

The KC Pet Project points out that help is always around the corner.

“There are options out there for you other than what we are witnessing here,” Fugate said.

Ace is going in for x-rays on Friday night and will continue to be monitored and cared for. The shelter believes he will bounce back and they are hopeful he will soon be up for adoption.



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