KC Pet Project trying to find all its pets a home for the holidays with adoption special


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On the weekend before Christmas, KC Pet Project is trying to empty its shelter of dozens of rescue pets. It’s a huge undertaking.

So between now and Christmas Eve, the Kansas City shelter is running a “Home for the Holidays” promotion. Every adult cat and dog over 30 pounds is only $30 to adopt. That includes vaccinations and microchipping.

“COVID has had a direct impact on the pets of Kansas City because whatever is affecting people is also affecting pets,” said Tori Fugate, spokesperson for KC Pet Project. “We are seeing that as we get more and more pets coming through our doors, and we’re trying really hard to keep families together when we can and not separate them.”

Even though the number of stray and surrendered animals has increased, KC Pet Project has seen an enormous number of adoptions during the pandemic. Because of that, the shelter has even been able to take in pets from other parts of the state.

“Everybody wants to adopt a pandemic pet it seems. Adoptions are through the roof,” Fugate said. “We have families that are lined up every day to come and adopt the pet, which is wonderful.”



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