KC Pet Project’s new animal services team hits the streets, reuniting pets and connecting with residents


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — New KC Pet Project animal services officers hit the streets for the first time Thursday to get to know Kansas City residents, reunite lost pets and provide services for people who might be struggling.

KC Pet Project has hired about 15 animal services officers from diverse backgrounds and different levels of experience. They’re excited to serve the community.

“It’s the first day that we have been able to come out as a team and start working together,” Officer Amy Nash said.

It’s a project more than two years in the making for KC Pet Project to take over animal services in Kansas City.

These animal services officers spent the day canvasing neighborhoods to meet people and find owners of stray pets in its shelter. They went door-to-door and passed out fliers to find a dog found near 59th Street and Prospect Avenue with a picture and important information about the dog.

They said stray animals usually live not far from the area they’re picked up. In most cases, they’re found about four doors from where they live.

KC Pet Project animal services officers also canvassed the streets to find people who might need help taking care of their pets. Charles Nixon asked the officers to take a look at his best friend Bud, an 11-year-old black lab mix

“Get rid of this lump off of him, plus get his shots updated because he’s been over a year now,” Nixon said.

Bud has a large lump on his stomach area and several smaller ones on his body. Animal services officers will try and hook Bud up with vet care, and they gave Nixon dog food for Bud.

“I cut my neighbors yards to make money to help buy dog food, plus I’ve got to buy medication for myself,” Nixon said.

“We want to connect people to the information, resources, things that they need to keep their pets and their families together and live healthy prosperous lives,” said April Moore, chief of KC Pet Project Animal Services.

KC Pet Project is looking for more animal services officers, specifically for bilingual people who can speak English and Spanish. The organization is also hiring dispatchers. You can find more information about how you can apply here.



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