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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A man who may be connected to a string of church burglaries in Kansas City was arrested over the weekend.

Cody Lucker, 34, was seen on surveillance video last week trying to break into the New Birth Christian Center in South KC.

The Ring video, which was uploaded to the app on Thursday, shows Lucker carrying a crowbar. A short time later you hear what sounds like an attempt to pry open a door.

The pastor at New Birth Christian told FOX4 the burglar broke a window near the entrance but was likely scared away when he noticed the alarm system at the church.

A Kansas City police spokesperson said authorities were alerted to Lucker’s whereabouts after someone spotted Lucker at a Northland casino after recognizing him from the Ring video.

As of Monday, Lucker was charged with just the burglary at New Birth Christian.

But a police spokesperson said investigators were looking into Lucker’s possible link to at least five church burglaries that occurred in Kansas City between Feb. 12 and April 24.

Cody Lucker

Pastor Harold Miller of Covenant Reformed Church said he’s positive Lucker is the person who burglarized his church on Feb. 27.

“I immediately noticed in [New Birth Center’s] video that the man looked a hundred percent like the man I saw who had broken into our church two months prior,” Miller said.

He said the suspect that broke into his church used a screwdriver or pry bar to gain access to one of the church’s doors. Miller said the culprit was trying to steal electronics but ran off when he caught him in the act.

“That was very unnerving situation, very uncomfortable,” Miller said. “The fact that I was standing face to face with someone who could’ve done harm to me, the same situation could happen to someone else. But it didn’t and I’ve very thankful for that.”

His church upgraded their security following the break-in, including adding Ring cameras on the property. Miller learned of the burglary at New Birth Center, which is about 2 miles from his church, through the software’s app.

“It sends out notice if anybody in your region wants to alert others about an event that happened at their location,” Miller said, referring to Ring.

He said the break-in at his church had “unattended consequences.” He urged other churches to remain vigilant while police continue to investigate.

“Be vigilant but not to lose our love for those who have great needs, like probably this individual does,” Miller said.

Lucker could face additional charges if investigators connect him to the other church burglaries.