KC police officer, U.S. Marine Corps veteran gets help with his home following accident

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police officer and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Nate Harrison nearly died in a motorcycle crash in December of last year.

On Thursday, Home Depot associates and the Kansas City Police Care Team worked together to help him and his family as he heals. More than 20 volunteers from a local Home Depot made updates to Harrison’s home.

“It`s very overwhelming that so many people just want to help out, they see and need and they`re filling that need and just making it happen,” said Harrison.

Harrison was in a motorcycle accident back in December. He says his life has changed quite a bit since then.

“The biggest change, and the hardest thing, has been my lack of vision right now,” Harrison said. “It`s really hard not to be able to see my wife, see my boys, and see our friends.”

Harrison also lost his right leg and now depends on his wife, Jessica, to help take care of him and their three boys.

“It`s a whole new role, you become 100% wife, 100% mom, and now 100% caretaker,” Jessica said.

Home Depot volunteers and the Kansas City Police Care Team came out to the Harrison’s home to help them out.

“Our goal is to make the house more maintenance free, so we`re going to paint the house, put in a fence, and then we`re also putting in a big swing set out back because there are three young boys here,” said Susan Conge, the Team Depot captain with the Liberty, Mo., Home Depot.

Most of the major accessibility projects are complete, but the family needs help keeping up with general maintenance of the home since most of their time is used for Nate’s extensive therapy

“The hours that we`ll spend doing this, we could add them all up, and it won`t even compare to the hours that Nate Harrison spent in Afghanistan, or as a police officer as a first responder,” Conge added.

“I feel sometimes like it`s very undeserving,” said Nate, “It`s very awesome that everybody is just pitching in and helping out.”

“It`s an awesome, overwhelming feeling, just to know that we`re loved and cared for, it`s amazing that Home Depot would want to do this, the PD is out here, and veteran volunteers, we feel very loved and taken care of,” Jessica said. “This is just one more step that is making things easier for us, and for me taking care of him, it`s huge… it`s huge.”

The Harrison’s say they couldn’t be more thankful for the help of the community.

Harrison hopes with more physical therapy and prayer, he’ll one day regain his sight.

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