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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — “I know there are more nice things happening in our neighborhood than there are negative things,” said Elise Jackson who lives near 71 Highway and Meyer Boulevard.

She and other neighbors are reacting after a third highway shooting in less than three weeks hit close to their homes. Since late August, detectives have been busy working three seemingly random shooting.

The latest one happened after midnight on Monday, near 71 Highway and Meyer. While neighbors call the shooting tragic, they say the incident doesn’t define their neighborhood.

Lovely homes and manicure lawns in the east Meyer neighborhood.

“I know all of the people on this boulevard, every single person and they are very decent people,” said Jackson.

It’s all in contrast to the scene that surrounded the adjacent highway just after midnight, when police responded to what officers thought was an injury crash.

Police found a man shot to death in a wrecked vehicle. Not many other details about the discovery have been released.

Though the police cars have left, and the road flares have burned out, some wonder if a stigma about the neighborhood will remain.

“We try to keep our neighborhood clean because we think that’s the basis of a good neighborhood is to keep it clean so that those kind of elements don’t want to come to our neighborhood,” said Jackson.

Jackson is a fixture in the neighborhood. She’s lived there 50 years and started the East Meyer Cluster Organization as a means to enhance her community. She believes most of the crimes committed in her neighborhood are from those who don’t live there, and she wants to send a message that crime is not welcome there.

“Absolutely not. We do everything that we can to avoid people who are unseemly characters. We really, really do,” said Jackson.

She says most of her neighbors are very well-involved in the community and want to see it thrive. The Meyer and 71 Highway shooting marks the third in under three weeks, with other shootings happening at I-435 between Wornall and Holmes, and the other near I-435 and Eastwood Trafficway.

If you know anything about these shootings, you’re urged to call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.