KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some Country Club Plaza residents were without water after two water main breaks Thursday and Friday. 

“Turn the water on. We need water,” Plaza East Apartments resident Brittne Caldwell said Friday.

The Plaza East Apartments are on Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard, just west of 71 Highway. Some homes on 46th Street in that complex had water Friday. Some did not.

“I mean I can’t shower,” Caldwell said. “I have to use water bottles. I can’t cook my food, so I mean, it’s a big inconvenience.”

Friday morning, KC Water crews were fixing a break on 46th Street in that complex. That’s separate from a break that happened Thursday evening.

“It’s horrible. I mean, you do what you have to do?” resident Tampa Wright said in an interview with FOX4 Friday.

Wright was walking nearly 10 minutes to go to the bathroom at the McDonald’s at Forest and Cleaver II Boulevard. She’s in good spirits considering the circumstances, not to mention the weather.

“It’s raining, but everything should work out,” she continued.

“Yeah, I know people in this area,” Caldwell said when asked whether nearby residents would let her use their bathroom. “But if I didn’t, you know, I’d be just like her, that woman that you talked to, using McDonald’s as my bathroom or whatever.”

Caldwell also has to work Friday night.

“So I’m going to have to go to someone’s house, go shower there,” she continued. “Yeah, it’s going to be ridiculous.”

Thankfully just after 5 p.m. KC Water confirmed the repairs were finished and the water was back on.

“The changing of the weather increases chances of older pipes to break,” KC Water spokeswoman Heather Frierson said in a statement given to FOX4 Friday.

“KC Water’s Water Main Replacement Program has been actively replacing older pipes throughout the metro. Since the WMR program officially began in 2013, KC Water has replaced up to 250 miles of water mains and continues to increase that number each year.”

That apartment complex is in a part of town where crews are already replacing old water mains.