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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s unique, often less expensive than brand new and it’s helping the environment. Home improvement is all the rage and PlanetReuse Marketplace found a special niche.

Planet Reuse“If someone is renovating a kitchen, you can actually donate those materials to a reuse center, get a tax deduction and then that material is sold by the reuse center,” said President and CEO of PlanetReuse Nathan Benjamin.

For those of you looking for specific items, there’s no need to drive all over town.

“It allows reuse centers, that are essentially thrift stores for building materials, to put their material online and to show them to allow people to find them more easily and prevent from going to a landfill.”

Benjamin said the concept is an offshoot of PlanetReuse, which began in commercial construction. That’s when he noticed a huge demand on the residential side.

“We’re talking about very common materials that one person sees as trash and another sees as treasure.”

The business is now one of 24 start-up companies in a competition sponsored by the Wall  Street Journal. PlanetReuse Marketplace is representing the metro and the midwest.

The Journal is keeping the specifics quiet, but Benjamin said the most important part of the competition right now is votes.

“What we would love is for everybody to go to our page, vote for us and hopefully allow us to make the cut along the way and ultimately become ‘Startup of the Year.'”

  • To vote for PlanetReuse in the Wall Street Journal competition, click here.
  • To visit the commercial portion of PlanetReuse, click here.
  • Residential customers interested in PlanetReuse Marketplace, click here.