PHOENIX — The Kelce Brothers aren’t the only “first” for a Super Bowl. Kansas City talk show host Chris Stigall might be the first to host a radio show in both Super Bowl cities.

The Northland native left his 710 KCMO morning gig 12 years ago to take a job in the larger Philadelphia market. He remained a Chiefs fan, but adopted the Eagles as his NFC team.

Then in 2020 when pandemic forced him to go remote from his suburban Philly home, he opted to return home to Missouri for a midday job at his old station, 710 KCMO. But, from his Kearney home studio, he still does his 990AM show back to Philly early mornings.

“I’m just honest with my Philadelphia audience,” Stigall says.

And yes, he’ll be cheering for his original team come Sunday.

“I missed the 2020 parade. I want to attend this one!”

FOX4 will continue special Chiefs coverage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday ahead of Super Bowl 57, which kicks off at 5:30 p.m.