KC traffic signals restored at 10 intersections

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — At 59th and The Paseo, public works has posted a sign saying, “Thank you, We listened.”

The sign hangs at one of 10 intersections where the traffic signals have been restored. It’s part of the city’s plan to make the city streets safer for pedestrians and drivers.

On Wednesday, the city will unveil the changes they’ve made not only to traffic signals, but also crosswalks and intersections. Ten intersections will have traffic lights restored and 20 signals will be transitioned to permanent stop signs or pedestrian-activated controls.

City crews also spent the summer adding new crosswalks and repainting old ones where the intersections were transitioned to stop signs.

Crews have added crosswalk signs and flashing light stop signs to heavily traveled areas.

At 59th and The Paseo, the city will switch on the signal at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Other intersections include:

  • Benton Boulevard and 27th Street
  • Benton Boulevard and 39th Street
  • Cleveland Avenue and 43rd Street
  • Indiana Avenue and 39th Street
  • St. John Avenue and Topping Avenue
  • The Paseo and 55th Street
  • The Paseo and 59th Street
  • Armour Boulevard and Warwick Boulevard
  • Meyer Boulevard and Oak Street
  • Gregory Boulevard and Main Street



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