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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — Kathryn Robertson is learning what lengths a thief will go to in order to steal packages.

She caught one guy on her Ring doorbell camera who drove up on her lawn, parked his car and quickly snatched boxes sitting on her front porch in Prairie Village Saturday night.

“We live on a busy street, so you would think that someone wouldn’t do that because if someone drove by, they would be like, ‘That’s odd that there was just a car that drove up right in front of our front flowerbed.’ I mean, it was. It was shocking. I’m speechless,” Robertson said.

She says the thief got away with a $600 printer, about $400 worth of custom locks for their business, and some used work boots.

The incident left her feeling violated.

“It ruined my entire night. And all I could do is keep looking at that video, like did this seriously just happen?”

Robertson and her fiancé filed a police report with the Prairie Village Police Department. She shared the video with them, but unfortunately the thief didn’t have a license plate on their car.

“Your security cannot be replaced, you know, that sense of security can’t be replaced, because I was thinking like, what if we were home and I had, you know, been standing right in the window and saw that. I don’t even know what I would have done,” she said.

After this incident, Robertson says she’s nervous about ordering online and wants to prevent this from happening again.

“Just be aware that these people are out there. And they do not care. They don’t care. They’re gonna drive up in your lawn and run over your stuff.”