KC woman starts new year meeting long-lost sister and father, thanks to DNA test kit

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City woman is starting the new year by meeting her long-lost sister.

Terrie Jackson was adopted at birth more than 50 years ago. A 23andMe DNA test kit would bring them back together. 

“I was so excited. Obviously we have been talking back and forth through messenger, but to actually see her in person and get to hug her — best moment of my life,” Jackson said.

The meeting happening at Kansas City International Airport, where her sister, Jody Cameron, flew from Orlando, Florida.

It was an emotional moment the sisters said they only dreamed would happen.

Cameron said over the years, she tried to find her sister after learning her mother gave away a child for adoption when she was young, but never had enough information. Jackson never knew she had a sister, but knew she had family somewhere else.

“I’ve gone to all the adoption registries, but the thing that was hindering the search, I didn’t have a lot of information. I didn’t have a date, a birth date,” Cameron said. “The only thing I knew for sure was my mom’s maiden name was going to be on the birth certificate. That’s the only information I had.”

“I was adopted at birth, and I new I was adopted, but I had no knowledge or anything of my birth family,” Jackson said. “I grew up here in Kansas City.”

She said it was actually through her daughter’s 23andMe test that Cameron was able to reach out to her.

“My daughter told me about Jody, and then Jody reached out to me,” Jackson said. “The rest is history.”

To make the moment even more special, for the first time, Jackson was also able to meet her birth father at the same time. He flew from California.

For the longest time, he had no idea Jackson existed.

“I got another daughter and real quickly,” Gary Gates said. “I’m choked up. Tears in my eyes. It’s been long time.”

The family said the moment is bittersweet because the sisters’ mother isn’t alive to witness the moment.

But the family said they plan to spend the this new year catching up on all the missed time. The sisters said finding each other after all this time is the most incredible blessing — and best way to start the new year.

“We are just going to go to dinner tonight and get to know each other,” Cameron said.



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