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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Good Samaritan and the Kansas City bus driver he helped from an attack over the weekend reunited Monday.

“People like Rodney, I love him so much, and I don’t even know him. He’s a good person, and I’m so thankful he was there for me,” said Lynn Judge, the bus driver.

45-year-old Judge has been a bus driver for three years. She said it’s hard to talk about the moment when a rider attacked her:

“I felt very threatened,” Judge recalled. “He looked like he was on something.”

Judge said the attacker had his fists balled up and he was mumbling, standing over her.

She called dispatch and asked for someone to help as she tried pushing him back.

“Before I know it, when I turned around, she was on the ground,” said Rodney Goldman, the man who stepped in to help her.

Judge did her best to wrestle away as her assailant grabbed her and choked her.

“He was really forceful,” Judge said.

Luckily for her, 56-year-old Rodney Goldman happened to be on the bus.

“My adrenaline kicked in, and I did what I had to do,” Goldman said.

Surveillance footage showed Goldman grabbing his cane and springing into action, beating the attacker until his cane snapped.

“I was just screaming and screaming, because he wouldn’t let me go,” Judge explained. “I remember him hitting him, and saying ‘let her go! Let her go!”

The attacker finally let go, and someone called 911.

Goldman kept the man away until the police came.

“I did not know if he had a knife or a gun, or what. You really don’t know,” Judge added. “I don’t know what would have happened if Rodney wasn’t there.”

“I’m just glad I was there,” Goldman said. “Everybody out on Truman said, ‘you run around here like you’re crippled. He must have made you mad because you were hitting him, and you didn’t look crippled then!’ If I had to do it, I’d do it again.”

The Doctor’s Equipment store on Troost Avenue donated new canes to Goldman, and KCATA gave him an unlimited bus pass.