KCI’s Thanksgiving travel down 55% but still busy despite COVID-19 warnings


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Transportation Security Administration says it screened millions of passengers the past few days, despite advice against unnecessary travel.

At the Kansas City International Airport, while travel is down an estimated 55% compared to last year, the airport is maintaining a steady flow of passengers.

“Just make sure we have gloves, make sure we have masks and sanitize,” traveler Alton Mason said.

Protective measures like this gave most people FOX4 spoke to a sense of safety as they headed towards their flights Monday.

For the Mason family, instead of their usual out-of-the-country excursion, this year, they’re settling for an all-inclusive resort in Arizona.

“We’ve all been together already in the quarantine, and we’re just going to a resort-type home. We’ll be there. We will just be there. Just want a different scenery and good food,” Anita Mason said. “We wanted to stay close to home, stay in the country to make sure if something were to happen, we can get on the road, so we are not doing international.”

At the KCI, about 180,000 people are expected to pass through over the next week, down from 400,000 during this same time last year.

Some flyers said they’re taking every precaution, and it wasn’t a decision they made lightly.

“I am not originally from here, so kind of hard being away from home. With COVID and everything, we decided we are going to make that trip,” said Amber, traveling to Florida to visit family.

Officials believe this is going to be the busiest travel period since the start of the pandemic.



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