KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Family of a little boy in Kansas City, Kansas are hoping whomever took his wheelchair will return it.

It happened Wednesday morning in front of his Pacific Avenue home as the 7-year-old was about to go to school. The family has filed a police report, but they say if this was just a mistake and can get the chair back, they won’t press charges.

Every morning and afternoon after school Juana Flores and her special needs son Anthony go through the same routine at their home with several stairs and no wheelchair ramp.

“She does this every day for school. She goes and leaves the wheelchair over there by the stairs so she can get my little brother ready for school,” Flores daughter Alejandra said helping translate for her mother.

But Wednesday when she returned with Anthony she found the chair was gone. Neighbors checked ring doorbell cameras and saw the truck and person who took it.

Video shows what appears to be a red Ford pickup truck stop in front of the home. After contemplating for a few seconds the man loads the specialized wheelchair with the name Anthony on the headrest into the bed of his truck.

“It’s making me sad because he does need the chair, that chair helps him a lot,” Alejandra said.

Since it was trash day, it’s possible the man who also had an appliance in the truck, believed the costly specialized red and black wheelchair was free scrap metal.

Thursday when the bus returned to the Flores home, Anthony wasn’t on it. They have a basic temporary chair from a recent surgery, but it doesn’t meet Anthony’s special needs.

“In that chair he can’t ride the bus,” Flores can’t explain.

Anthony can’t verbalize how he’s feeling, but family says they can see his emotions.

“He feels when something is missing,” Flores said.

They now hope the person who took it either has a change of heart, or realizes their mistake.