KCK community center hoping boy being hit by SUV will prompt safety improvements

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A 7-year-old struck by an SUV Wednesday night in KCK is recovering, but he has a long road ahead. The community center near where he was hit hopes the crash will prompt some change on the street.

The boy's mother said he has a broken jaw, pelvis and eye sockets and is in a medically induced coma.

Just before the crash, the boy was at the Connecting for Good Computer Center. Every day after school, dozens of children spend hours at the Connecting for Good Computer Center doing their homework and working on crafts.

Staff at the center say the crash should have never happened.

“We`ve been pushing for speed signs,” said Jackie Mittag, the computer center’s program manager, “to lower it more than that it already is. We need the signs that say, 'Children at Play,' and we need crosswalks.”

Representatives from the computer center said they've asked the KCK Housing Authority for help adding those measures.

KCK police say a southbound driver on 3rd Street struck hit the little boy. Police said the drier is cooperating with their investigation and it appears to be an accident.

Officers haven`t said whether or not speed lead to the crash in the 20 mph zone. But employees at the computer center said drivers that come through the stretch of 3rd Street aren't safe.

“We have people out here that they seem to think this is the Indianapolis 500 and a quarter-mile drag strip,” Mittag said.

Officials from the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, sad its public works department hasn’t had any complaints from residents asking for speed bumps or cross walks. There are not currently any plans to add those things.

“Without that, we`re gonna lose more kids,” Mittag said, “and that's not something I can live with.”



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