KCK Community College sending hospital beds to hospital in Kenya


KCK Community College is sending hospital beds to a hospital in Kenya, Africa.

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The KCK Community College is helping hospital patients halfway around the world.

The college was fortunate to receive 13 brand new hospital beds, valued at $5,000 each, from Olathe Medical Center. The beds are a great learning tool for students in its health professions program.

A professor at KCK Community College asked what was going to happen to the old hospital beds the school had.

He was able to get clearance from the college to donate them to a hospital in his hometown in Kenya, Africa. That hospital serves 200,000 people but is in a remote village with no other medical facilities for miles.

The professor is hoping to collect a total of 50 beds, which would be enough to fill an entire shipping container.

For information on how you can donate medical supplies to Mbooni Sub County Hospital, contact Matthias Ngewa at mngewa@kckcc.edu.



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