KCK family wants justice after FedEx driver seen on camera hitting dog, driving off

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Just days after Christmas, a Kansas City, Kansas family is mourning the loss of their pet.

But it’s the way the dog died that’s most upsetting to the Kelley family, who captured a FedEx delivery driver on camera, and then driving away, after running over their dog.

“I just want FedEx to acknowledge what happened. You know, I mean, I know he wasn’t human, but he was a part of our family, and it hurts just as bad," said Beverly Kelley, who raised the small Maltese dog, named Bullet since he was a puppy.

Kelley said Friday afternoon, after delivering a package to a neighbor's home on Pitkin Avenue, a FedEx driver would change the family`s life after her husband would find the dog dead in the street.

"We pulled up the cameras to see who hit him. To see if it was a neighbor or something, and found out it was a FedEx ground truck that delivered a package to one of our neighbors and like ran over him with the front tires, then completely smashed his whole body with the back tire," Beverly's daughter Crystal Kelley said.

The family`s security camera captured the incident from start to finish.

The Kelley's say they still can`t grasp losing their pet in such a way, and they are not satisfied with the response from FedEx.

"They said they can`t do anything for me, he wanted me to send them the video. They put in a complaint and said somebody would call me back, and nobody`s called me back," Kelley said.

As they mourn their beloved pet, now buried in the backyard, Kelley said she wants to make sure the driver is held responsible.

"I`m just heartbroken that he didn`t stop and at least apologize. Something. I mean, you just ran over him and took off," Kelley said. "I was a mess. I`ve been crying. I had him since he was a pup, for a long time, and he was a very good dog."

In a statement to FOX4, FedEx Corporate office responded to the incident saying:

“We extend our deepest condolences to Ms. Kelley for the loss of her beloved dog.  We will investigate this unfortunate incident, and are committed to taking the appropriate action based on the findings, and to prevent something like this from happening again.”

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