KCK high schools starting shortened fall sports season in February


KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Typically, the only football being played in February is the Super Bowl. But students in one local school district are starting their football season today with hopes of playing games all month long.

Starting Feb. 1, the football, volleyball, cross country, boy’s soccer and girl’s tennis teams at the five KCK high schools can all begin practice. Their season will be really short – just five weeks long.

This will be quite the challenge, considering you never know what kind of weather you’re going to get, like snow, ice and freezing temperatures. But the KCK school district wants to allow students who play fall sports the opportunity to compete since they cancelled the fall sports season back in August.

Unfortunately, that means fall sports will be competing with winter sports, which are already in the middle of their season. The students can’t play two sports at once, so athletes have to choose one or the other.

There will be only four rounds of competition. Wyandotte, Washington, Harmon, Schlegel and Sumner will play each other starting February 13 and ending March 6. They will be required to wear masks at practices and games, and parents will not be allowed to watch them from the stands. Since all games will be livestreamed, they will be able to watch from their computer.

The goal is to get the winter and fall sports seasons completed before spring break so all athletes will be able to play spring sports without conflict.

One of the biggest challenges will be getting enough kids to field a team since many athletes are playing their winter sport right now. If they can’t, they will just practice their fall sport these next five weeks and develop these fall athletes so they’re better prepared to play next fall when high school sports get back to normal.



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