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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A Kansas City, KS man is grateful to be alive after his car was struck by a bullet while he was driving into work. 

The KCK Police Department told Eddie Johnson if he was going five miles slower, he could be in the hospital or dead.

“I hear a big boulder sound like something hit my car,” said Johnson. 

Johnson was just driving in as he would on a regular day, talking on the phone with his mom when the bullet flew through his back driver’s seat. 

“I looked in my door and there it was, a bullet hole right through my back door.”

What he thought was a rock, turns out was gunfire flying through his car. 

“As you can see, the bullet entered here, it exited here, then the bullet actually hit right back here, in the seam, in the passenger seat,” said Johnson as he explained what happened. 

He was grateful neither of his daughters or his wife were in the car when this happened Tuesday night.

“That’s the very first thing I thought about once I realized that was a bullet. My youngest daughter usually sits in that seat.”

KCK police came to Johnson, collected the bullet and took pictures, telling Johnson just how lucky he is. 

“If I was driving five miles per hour slower, I could have actually been hit myself,” said Johnson. 

Johnson will now have to spend money on something he never imagined would happen. 

“Sometimes things will enter your life that you don’t prepare for.”

He has a strong message for gun owners that don’t take the responsibility of owning a gun as serious as they should.  

“I just wish that gun owners take it a little more seriously than what they’re doing” he said.