KCK mom offering help to family of man killed in same area her son was murdered

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Police continue to investigate a deadly shooting that happened near Ohio Avenue and 9th Street on Monday morning.

It’s an occurrence some say happens far too often in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood.

“I don’t think it’s uncommon. I have certainly heard more than my fair-share of gunshots since I’ve been here,” Sister Mary Michael MacChesney said.

For Sister Mary, who has been living and serving in the neighborhood for a decade, she’s learned how to adapt to the uptick in crime.

“You don’t get nosy. You don’t ask questions if you don’t know people, especially as it gets late. You just mind your own and ask God for protection,” she said.

For one family, the pain of losing a loved one in this neighborhood is all too real, and now they’re returning to help.

“Sometimes all it takes is somebody to be there, and sometimes it takes a little more,” Carolyn Marks said. “I never knew all the things that go along with this, and that is why I am back here today one year from my son’s death to honor the community and people’s that came to help us.”

Her son, 23-year old Ronald Marks, was killed exactly one year ago Tuesday, also on Ohio Avenue.

Carolyn Marks unveiled a new foundation called “the RJ Foundation 2018” in honor of her son. The purpose of the foundation is to help other families dealing with a tragic loss.

It’s a situation she said she’s still trying to manage every single day.

“Little things just like somebody bought my son’s suit, somebody bought his shoes, somebody fed us because I couldn’t get up, couldn’t cook, so we are going to do the for other people,” Marks said.

The metro mother said the first project through the RJ Foundation 2018 is to help the family of Monday morning’s homicide victim, 32-year-old Juan Nevarez.

The RJ Foundation 2018 will assist with funeral arrangements, burials, catering, markers, counseling, clothing, caskets and other expenses while offering a loving hand and kind words, among other needs.

If you need assistance, or would like to get involved, contact Carolyn Marks at 816-918-8273.

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