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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A KCK man is behind bars, after investigators say he advertised a 2-year-old for sex. Investigators say they found the ad listed on Craigslist.

Twenty two-year-old Zachary Garrett had just moved into the 3300 block of N. 59th Terrace with a woman and child a few weeks ago. He was known as the quiet one on the block, but neighbors are now calling the man a monster.

“Hopefully they’ll put him away for awhile. He needs to be put away,” neighbor Carl Conde said.

Neighbors say Homeland Security along with KCK police, surrounded Garrett’s home on Tuesday, rifles in hand.

“They searched the house and were there 3 or 4 hours,” Conde said.

Investigators found enough evidence to arrest and charge Garrett. They say he posted an ad on Craigslist, offering to provide a 2-year-old for sex acts. Neighbors say Garrett was taken away in cuffs. A woman and child were walked out of the home, too.

“She had her face in her hands, crying. They took a car seat into the house, put the child in it, brought the child out,” Conde said.

Neighbors say the woman worked and Garrett stayed at home with the child. Investigators would not say how Garrett is connected to the child in the ad.

“If he is what he has been accused of, I don’t think he should be around any kid period.”

Neighbors say the woman returned to the home, but the child never did. I knocked on the door and spoke with the woman inside. She said she and Garrett co-parent together and had no idea any of this was happening under their roof.

“If you’re that close to somebody, how in the hell can you not know?”

Garrett faces three felony charges including attempted rape and child endangerment. He’s being held on $500,000 bond in the Wyandotte County jail.