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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Residents in one small community of Kansas City, Kansas said they haven’t seen a garbage truck in months.

Elizabeth Helaire said so much trash has piled up following the Thanksgiving holiday, everything from trash bags to boxes, and even a walker, have overwhelmed dumpsters at Washington Heights Senior Residence.

“It’s a health hazard,” Helaire said. “We should not have to live like this.”

The most upsetting part for Helaire and her neighbor is trash removal is included in their rent.

“Well it’s going to get picked up today,” said Helaire. “That was yesterday. That was day before yesterday. It hasn’t gotten picked up yet.”

Working for You, FOX4 tried to talk with the apartment manager about the issue, but the office was closed.

The Unified Government Public Health Department told us code enforcement issued a notice to the complex last Thursday on the 20th, which gives them 14 days to have all trash removed.

The owners, Bridge Property Management, said trash at the complex is picked up regularly and blames the MLK holiday for the backlog.

The company told us the trash would be picked up Monday, but it wasn’t.

While residents are left figuring out who’s at fault, they still have to deal with the mess outside of their window.

“The coons and the possums are having a buffet every day,” said Helaire. “They go out there and tear it up a little bit more, but it has to be taken care of.”