KCK officer describes ‘looking right down the barrel’ as DA determines shooting was justified


OLATHE, Kan. — A Kansas City, Kan. police officer, injured in a December shooting, will not face criminal charges, according to Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe.

Howe released his review of the December 15, 2020, shooting, that injured Officer Daniel Vance, Tuesday afternoon. Howe determined that Vance’s use of force during the shooting was justified.

According to the D.A.’s office, the Kansas City, Kansas Police officer noticed a car that matched the description of one involved in a hit-and-run near 47th and Conser in Overland Park earlier in the day.

According to the review, Officer Vance parked his car, called for backup, and tried to observe the car. A man, later identified by police as Jesse James Flaugher, stood near it. Officer Vance told investigators that as soon as Flaugher noticed him, the man reached for his waistband.

Officer Vance said Flaugher used the car for cover and started shooting at him before he could draw his gun and fire.

He also told investigators he “was just looking right down the barrel” of a gun and he braced himself because he thought he was about “to be killed.”

A bullet struck Officer Vance in the chest, hitting his Taser gear and ballistic vest. Another bullet hit him in his left forearm. According to the document released by the D.A., Officer Vance said he fired once and then his gun malfunctioned. Vance told investigators that he took cover and cleared his weapon, but at that point Flaugher drove through a chain link fence and up an embankment to get away.

Emergency crews arrived and took Officer Vance to the hospital. He was treated and released the same day.

Three days after the shooting, investigators took Flaughter into custody at a home in Edgerton, Kan. Flaughter is charged with Attempted Capital Murder and possession of a firearm by a felon in Johnson County. He will be back in court Feb. 24th for a scheduling conference.



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