KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A Kansas City, Kansas, police officer who shot and killed a DoorDash driver will not face criminal charges. The Wyandotte County District Attorney made the announcement Friday afternoon.

The officer shot and killed Amaree’ya Henderson in Kansas City, Kansas on April 26.

The DA’s office said it determined Henderson tried to drive away from the officer. At one point, the officer became stuck between the door of Henderson’s car and the driver’s compartment.

The officer held onto the moving vehicle as Henderson continued to drive. The officer told him to stop, according to the DA’s office, but Henderson did not. Investigators said that is when the officer shot Henderson.

The Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Officer determined the officer used justified force in the situation.

The DA’s office said the police department allowed Henderson’s family to watch police body camera and dash camera video of the shooting.

The DA’s decision only applies to criminal charges. The officer involved still faces administrative matters and a civil lawsuit, according to the DA.

“I don’t think it’s surprising that someone who had a bad experience with law enforcement was super anxious and afraid of law enforcement and had every reason to be,” David Grummon, MORE2 Board Member, said.

“(The officer) was not threatened, and was not in the path of the vehicle. In fact, he put himself in harm’s way by hopping onto the frame of the vehicle,” Attorney Nuru Witherspoon said in a statement on behalf of Henderson’s family.

“The body cam shows a disgusting display of excessive force, and the unlawful, unnecessary killing of another young, unarmed Black man.”

“This decision is frustrating. It’s disappointing. But we stand with the family in their search for justice,” Grummon said.