KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Sir’Antonio Brown’s family and friends were joined by community leaders and law enforcement Wednesday night, demanding more information about who shot and killed the 6-year-old one week ago.

“He plays here with Sir every day,” said Destiny Thomas, referring to her own 4-year-old son. “That’s his guy…that’s his cousin, that’s what he knows. He doesn’t understand all the way.”

Thomas says she tried to explain what happened to her son as much as she could without burdening him with too much information.

“We’re pouring love on all the kids already, but now it’s extra,” Thomas said. “They’re giving us love when don’t even know we have it in us to give so it helps to feel that love, so we just want to pour it all over them.”

The news that the Wyandotte County District Attorney charged 18-year-old Cassandra Sledge in the case was a welcome development. Sledge faces obstructing prosecution in the case for lying to investigators trying to find the suspects. KCK Police say she owns the vehicle that was used in the shooting.

“It’s a good start,” said Thomas. “It makes us happy to hear that somebody is paying for something and there’s somebody we can ask questions to. It feels good and it’s a little bit of a light on a cloudy day.”

“This is one of your last nights that you’re going to sleep comfortably because we’re coming to get you,” said KCK Police Chief Karl Oakman.

Oakman says his investigators left the scene on the night of the shooting already with a focus for their investigation. Seven days later, one person is in jail, and he says police are closing in on the suspects.

“We’re going to find who did this and put everyone involved in jail,” Oakman told the crowd. “Let me say that again. Not just the three shooters. Everyone that’s involved who’s hiding information is going to jail.”

“Little Sir’Antonio has all the resources of the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department,” Oakman said.