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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — If you’ve been job hunting and feel like no one is hiring, consider this: Kansas City, Kan., police are looking to add about 20 new officers and the department is taking applications right now.

Many police departments just hire a couple of officers at a time, but KCK is recruiting about 20 new officers to begin police academy training soon and by next year they’ll start hitting the streets to protect and serve.

Officer Mark Palmerin has spent 20 years as a police officer. He showed FOX 4 around Quindaro, which used to be a hot bed of crime — a place police spent a lot of time. But times change.

“All the new construction going on, that’s what this area needs,” he says.

But Palmerin says the boarded up houses still get broken into, often for the copper, and he spends a lot of time helping people with theft complaints. He says that’s what officers must enjoy doing: helping people.

“You have to want to help the community, be out there working and make a better way of life for them, make it safer for them,” he says.

The police academy class wrapping up right now is a big one — almost 40 cadets are getting ready to hit the streets soon.

Officer John Whaley is a recruiter for the department and says last year they had 400 applications for the police academy. Recruiters this year are looking for a new incoming academy class of about 20 people, but so far the applications aren’t pouring in like they were last year.

“Since we’re still in the first half of the application process there haven’t been a lot turned in yet,” he says, “as of the other day we had 35 turned in.”

Officer Palmerin says of course being an office isn’t easy, you deal with crime, child abuse, death:

“You have to deal with that, you know and comfort them and show you care,” Palmerin says, “as an officer you should be out here helping and caring.”

The deadline to apply is July 17.

If you’d like to find more information, an open house is scheduled at the Kansas City, Kan., police headquarters on July 9.

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