KCK Police investigating more holiday burglaries


car burglary
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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Over the last months, Kansas City, Kansas Police say they have taken reports and are investigating multiple auto burglaries near various shopping districts in Wyandotte County.

Suspects have targeted vehicles that appear to contain electronics, cellular phones, book bags, backpacks, and other items of value.

They remind people how easily it is for thieves to break windows and quickly remove property.

“Citizens should be mindful the holiday season often attracts criminal activity. Criminals are aware holiday shoppers are storing merchandise and other valuables in their car,” said Officer Cameron Morgan in a news release.

To help prevent being victimized, people should ensure the following:
• Park in well-lit areas when possible.
• Make sure the interior vehicle is clear of any property that could be viewed as valuable.
• Lock your car doors and ensure the vehicle alarms are activated.
• Store any shopping bags in your trunk out of sight.
• If you are victimized, call police to the scene so your vehicle can inspected by an officer.

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