With crowd growing and chanting, standoff at home of Kansas City, Kan. convicted sex offender ends

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Kansas City, Kan., police walked away from a standoff that began Tuesday around 8 a.m., when Federal Marshals tried to serve an arrest warrant. They said in a news release that they de-escalated the situation so no innocent person would be harmed.

The house where the standoff was underway, at 57th and Parallel, is well-known in the neighborhood because there are signs posted on the property denouncing police, the district attorney, and the justice system. Greg Andrews, the man who lives in the home is a convicted sex offender, and police said one of the warrants being served was for a child sex case.

“Some words were exchanged, some threats were made to shooting officers,” Thomas Tomasic of the KCK police department said. “Right now they are surrounding the house. U.S. Marshals are continuing to talk with him. Hopefully they can get him to come out without us using our SCORE team to go in and get him.”

A large crowd gathered near the home and began recording the events from the police line, urging law enforcement not to shoot the couple who live in the home.  Officers moved the crowd back, although some resisted, saying they wanted to witness the actions that were taken by police. At one point, people at the scene could be heard chanting, “No, don’t shoot. The community says, no.”

A woman inside the house had been speaking to the crowd through a bullhorn, telling law enforcement, “We will not come quietly.”

At about 2 p.m, commanders on the scene decided the severity of the warrants did not outweigh the possibility of injuring innocent residents or the crowd gathered there.

Police say they de-escalated the situation, removed their crime scene tape and withdrew from the scene. However, the warrants for Andrews are still active.

Marshals were trying to serve Andrews with three warrants; one for indecent liberties with a child and two for failing to register as a sex offender, according to a police spokesperson.

Andrews says he’s done nothing wrong, but according to the Wyandotte County prosecutor, in December 2009, Andrews was charged with indecent liberties with a child under 16.

Jerome Gorman, prosecutor, says on March 13, 14 and 15 of 2012, a jury found Andrews guilty; and in September 2012, Gorman says Andrews was sentenced to 32 months in prison. A jury agreed with the victim claims that Andrews inappropriately touched her at a Wyandotte County furniture store he once owned.

Andrews said late Tuesday afternoon after the standoff ended, police were at the schools of his two children with social workers. Andrews said his “13-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son are now in state custody as investigators determine if his home is a safe environment for the children.”

A spokesman for the Kansas City, Kan., Police Dept., said the incident remains under investigation and they will try another day to serve the warrants to Andrews.


KCK police are on the scene of a standoff Tuesday.
KCK police are on the scene of a standoff Tuesday.


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