KCK firefighters recover body from Missouri River

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Kansas City Kansas firefighters pulled a body from the Missouri River at Kaw Point on Friday, now the questions are who was it and how did they die? The body was first spotted in the area near English Landing Park, which  in recent months has been the scene where several cars and bodies were recovered.

An employee manning the tower at the BPU Nearman Power Plant made a disturbing discovery around 3:15 in the afternoon.

"An employee down there observed to be what he thought was a body floating down the river," KCK Officer Thomas Tomasic said.

KCK firefighters headed upstream where they found the body had already traveled a couple of miles down the Missouri River toward I-635. People at Kaw Point watched in disbelief as firefighters brought the body ashore.

"It`s sad. I wish the family their condolences, it`s all you can do," witness Russel Hudson said.

Police say the body was unrecognizable, and they have no idea of the gender.

"We don`t know where this person may have gone into the river, it could have been way outside of KCK, it`s definitely been in the water for a while," Officer Tomasic said.

But back at Platte and English Landing parks, people had to wonder why bodies and vehicles keep turning up in the area. In March, police found two vehicles submerged, one had missing woman Toni Anderson inside. In May, they searched the same area for a car in the river.

KCK police say the first step will be an autopsy to identify the person, to at least give them some idea which side of the state line they should start this investigation on, and whether it's a homicide, accident or something else.

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