KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Some residents in Kansas City, Kansas’ Turner neighborhood are upset about a recent change Waste Management has made.

The trash company’s no longer picking up garbage at their curb, likely because the street they live on is privately maintained, not maintained by the city.

“But they’ve picked up trash for over 45 years here,” Turner resident Sherry Edwards said in an interview with FOX4 Wednesday.

Edwards has lived on S. 46th Street for more than 40 years. Normally, she would roll her trash cart out to the tip of her driveway to have garbage crews come pick it up until earlier this summer.

“And then they stuck these notices on our mailbox, she continued. “I’ve ripped it off, but you can see where it was. It said they weren’t going to pick the trash up back here anymore. They had trouble getting back here. You don’t have trouble getting back here. You can see you can, and so what do we have to do? You either haul it out to the end, or you have no trash pickup.”

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County disagrees with that though.

“Public Works acknowledges residents’ challenges with placing trash and recycling at the end of the private drive,” Unified Government of Wyandotte County Public Works Public Information Officer Dave Reno said in a statement given to FOX4 Wednesday. “Given the drive’s poor condition, private status, and narrow design, trash and recycling trucks are at risk of becoming stuck and restricted from accessing it.”

Edwards is 83 years old, so now to get her trash picked up, she’s supposed to roll it down her gravel road to Strong Avenue and walk it to the area near the intersection of S. 45th Terrace and Strong. That’s where the city still actually maintains the street.

“There should be a reason why, I agree. I don’t know why,” Edwards’ neighbor David Erwin said in an interview with FOX4 Wednesday.

Erwin walked with FOX4 from his home next to Edwards’ home to the spot where the two of them are supposed to drop their garbage off now. It’s less than a two-minute walk, without garbage bins in your hands.

“And if I’m dragging one barrel down, or I usually have two, maybe two half barrels, or like I said, I have no wheels, and what am I doing in the wintertime when it’s raining, and it’s going to be nothing but worse,” Erwin continued, talking about the weather.

Waste Management of Kansas, Inc. released the following statement to FOX4 Wednesday afternoon saying “Per our Unified Government contract, WM is only able to service customers from a public access road. We have noted that the customer has stopped bringing their trash carts to the public road in the last month. WM will collect the resident’s trash carts placed at the public access road.”

Reno believed the Waste Management drivers may not have known the street was privately maintained until recently, which could be the reason for the pickup change.

“We urge neighbors to petition for a new public road through the Unified Government’s Clerk’s Office or by completing the “Request a Project” form,” Reno also said in his statement. “In the interim, Public Works will pursue an access agreement with the property owner to facilitate necessary repairs and allow trucks safe access.”