KCK residents want more than just one public pool

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Residents in East Kansas City, Kansas say they’re being left behind when it comes to the city investing in their neighborhoods.

Parkwood Pool in the Quindaro neighborhood sits empty on this scorching hot summer day, with its gates locked. This is the only public swimming pool in KCK.

“Johnson County and Kansas City, Missouri, they have beautiful parks, beautiful pools. Why can’t we have that here?” KCK resident Christian Ramirez said.

The city does have three spray parks but the people who live in KCK say that isn’t enough.

They said kids on summer break need things to do, and a place to cool off in the heat.

“Nothing to do but sit at home. Their parents are going to work. They’re bored, they have no discipline while their parents are at work. So what do they do? They go get in trouble,” Tscher Manck said.

In a statement from the Unified Government, leaders said they don’t have the money to open another swimming pool

Manck and Ramirez think it’s more than that. They don’t think the city sees the problems in their neighborhood as top priorities.

“The money is being spent elsewhere, is how I feel. They have projects that are millions of dollars going on that are out in Piper and Turner, but nothing in the Northeast and Southeast side,” Manck said.

“The main thing that has me angry, especially just with this pool and in general with our county is, a lot of decisions are being made without the best interest of the people,” Ramirez said.

Manck and Ramirez said they’ve live in KCK all their life and they’d just like to see the city do better.

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