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KANSAS CITY, KS — Strasser Hardware in Kansas City, Kansas is celebrating an employee who just hit a major milestone. He’s been with the store for 50 years.

LeRoy Andrews started at Strasser Hardware in 1970 as a glass cutter. He worked his way up to general manager, president, and owner.

On July 31, his family and friends surprised him with a party to celebrate. Andrews boasts that nothing happens at the store without his knowledge. However, his family and employees were able to keep the party a secret.

“It was really really surprising as far as the celebration today. It’s an honor. It’s really an honor to serve Kansas City,” Andrews said.

He said he believes that Strasser Hardware’s family atmosphere is what has kept him around for so long.

According to Steve Brookhart regional manager of True Value LeRoy has never been considered as anything other than family. 

“He is kind of like a son if you will to the family, and he’s just continued to stay here and be a big part of the company,” Brookhart said.

Strasser Hardware was converted into a small neighborhood supply store from a Plumbing and electrical business in 1921. It has been family owned and operated since the beginning. Andrews is the first president in Strasser’s 103-year history who is not a blood relative.

If you would like to visit Strasser hardware and say congratulations to Mr. Andrews you can visit them at 910 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City.