KCK woman nearly scammed out of $500 from fake Wyandotte County sheriff call

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A KCK woman said she considers herself lucky after nearly being scammed out of $500.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said on Monday she received a call from a man named Lt. Todd Sullivan. He claimed he was an officer with the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department.

“This guy had a police dispatch radio going in the background of the call. He sounded close to the phone. He mentioned local people,” the KCK woman said.

She said he told her there was a warrant for her arrest for missing jury duty.

“He knew enough about the jury process. I’m familiar with it. I know how it works. He seemed to know enough about it to make me think that’s what it is,” the woman said.

He threatened to put her in jail if she didn’t pay $500 right away.

That’s when things got weird.

“I was supposed to give my name and my birth date and how many miles on the car. He would keep me on the phone until I arrived at the sheriff’s office. He said on the way you need to purchase a federally insured voucher,” the woman said.

He then asked for her to buy a Visa gift card. The Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department said that should’ve raised a red flag.

“We’re never going to ask anything about a gift card for payment. We’re never going to stay on the phone. We’re never going to call you to find out about anything regarding a warrant,” Capt. David Thaxton said.

She bought the gift cards and sent him the card information. On her way to get another gift card, she realized it was a scam — thanks to a call to one of her friends.

“That threatening rattles you like that. It’s hard to keep in mind all those things you thought you were going to do when you had to,” the woman said.

She thought she’d be the last person to be scammed. Now she’s urging people to be aware.

Thankfully this woman said she was able to get her $500. She explained to the card company what happened after she filed a complaint with the sheriff’s department.



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