KCK woman speaks out after her family was massacred by Mexican drug cartel

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — There’s a long standing war between two cartels over Mexico territory. That war resulted in the the massacre of three mothers and six of their children Monday night.

Now family here in KCK says they’re just trying to make sense of the dark road they have ahead of them.

“They have been fighting over territory that divides the two states; one is from Sonora, one is from Chihuahua,” said Denise LeBaron-Ramos, a KCK immigrant attorney and cousin to one of the mothers killed.

“This community has existed for many many decades; it is a peaceful community of farmers and family, unassociated with the current violence,” she continued. “It is a secluded community that can be reached through one small dirt road, in the mountain between the two states.”

The families were part of a Mormon community in Mexico but had dual US-Mexican citizenship.

LeBaron-Ramos’ told FOX4 that the families were driving on that small dirt road Monday evening to see family in Chihuahua. Somewhere between that ride, their cars were approached by the cartel.

“They were traveling during the day because it can be dangerous at night,” LeBaron-Ramos said. “The cartel attacked their vehicles; one vehicle was completely torched. Three women died and six of their small children during the attack. Seven of the children survived. One was a 7-month-old infant.”

LeBaron-Ramos said the eldest of the siblings was able to get himself and his family to safely. He hid them in bushes and then traveled hours through the mountains to get help. Once he made it back, LeBaron-Ramos told FOX4 each of the children were still hiding in the bushes.

“Five were shot and wounded, four are in stable condition,” she said. “The fifth is in critical condition.”

The United States Government transported each of those children to a U.S. hospital.

“The Mexican government has offered us assistance,” she said. “They created support and safe passage for family members to travel this road and arrive to the scene of the crime. The Mexican national of security contacted my family and assured us that my family and any other family will have safe passage through these roads and towns for the next few days for funeral services and any other necessary travels.”

But LaBaron-Ramos told FOX4 she wants more, with high hopes to call Mexico a safe place again.

“It used to be beautiful,” she said crying.

She said there needs to be changes to make the area safer.

“It doesn’t only affect the Mexican side. It affect a lot of people here, too. Huge families that are being hurt because of it,” she said.

If you are interested in helping the family with medical costs, you can visit their Go Fund Me Page.

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