A few weeks after KCK woman’s murder, her missing dog is found shot, too

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A double homicide last month left behind more than just the two people who were gunned down.

A man shot and killed two people at Edwards Original Corner Market and Deli on July 10 in KCK. One of the victims was 42-year-old LaChelle Day, a woman who left behind two dogs, one named Isabella.

“Unfortunately, Isabella’s owner was one of the people that was murdered,” said Danielle Reno, who runs Unleashed Pet Rescue.

Reno said they do a lot of outreach in KCK, which is how they heard about LaChelle’s dogs.

“It’s just unfortunate that when their owner passed away, there’s just no one else. There’s no one there to take them. The neighbors kept sighting them. We could just never get there at the right time at the right place to find them and take them,” Reno said.

It took a few weeks, but someone did find Isabella.

Then they discovered she, too, had been shot, in a different shooting than the one that killed her owner. Isabella needed serious help.

“She had an entry wound on the outside of her leg, an exit wound on the inside of her leg," Reno said. "She had a puncture in her stomach that was full of infection. We rushed her to the emergency vet."

"The guy that found her was more than willing to let us take her, and the neighbor that had been feeding her was so happy that we were able to get her help."

Doctors amputated Isabella’s leg. They’re working to get her infections under control, and her stomach wound is healing. She needs to put weight back on, too.

“She just hasn’t really had that inside dog, loving life that all the dogs deserve, so we’re really striving to get her better and get her adopted into a loving home that will show her what it’s like to be a real dog," Reno said.

LaChelle owned more than one dog. Unleashed volunteers are still looking for a tan pit bull. The pet rescue has no idea who shot Isabella or why.

Unleashed is taking donations to help with Isabella's care. You can donate here.



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