KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Kansas City Kansas Police are working to bring the community together and reduce crime.

They had their second annual peace march on Saturday, inviting the community to walk side by side with them in a show of unity.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for members of our community to actually meet their police officers face to face in a positive environment so that when things do happen, they feel more comfortable turning to them,” Nancy Chartrand with the Kansas City Kansas Police Department said.

Jeffrey Hollinshed grew up in the KCK neighborhood and says events like these are crucial in continuing the positive work they do every day.

“We reach out to them in a time when we need help and us being here is us reaching out to them showing we can help you also because if we don’t have the communication in the community, then we don’t have anything at all,” Hollinshed said.

The department is working on several different initiatives like community engagement programs to help reduce crime. Since their last community walk a year ago, Chartrand says they’ve seen a 40 percent decrease in shootings and homicides down more than 50 percent.

“People need not to fear the police, they need to be a partnership,” neighbor Carolyn Wiatt said. “This brings out the community, the kids and they don’t have to fear them, that they’re a part of them and that they can help them. You know and maybe one day maybe they’ll want to be a policeman.”