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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For several months, the Kansas City Animal Shelter has been overcrowded with all kinds of dogs.  The lingering pooch problem isn’t so uncommon during the winter – but in recent months the shelter’s pit bull population has exploded.

“We have 101 in the system and it’s a pretty high number,” says Tori Fugate with the Kansas City Pet Project.

The shelter and its foster homes are packed with adult pit bulls. With so many Metro area communities banning pit bulls, shelter officials know they’re facing a bit of a canine challenge trying to find loving homes for the dogs.

Nonetheless, Fugate and her staff remain optimistic.

“Our policy is to keep the animals alive as long as we possibly can as long as they’re behaving properly, ” says Fugate. “We also want anyone, who’s interested in adopting one of our dogs to know that they can come out,  bring their dog if they have one or their children, and play with the pit bulls in our play yards, interact with them and see if they’re a good fit for their family.”

To help ease the canine congestion at the shelter, officials will kick off its  “SHED THE SHELTER POUNDS” adoption special beginning on Friday, January 11TH through January 20TH. The special will allow all dogs that weigh 50 pounds or more, including pit bulls, to be adopted for $50.00.

For more information, visit the Kansas City Pet Project/KCMO Animal Shelter at 4400 Raytown Road, or give them a call at (816) 513-9800.