KCMO family says neighbor shoots, kills teen’s therapy dog

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A teen who suffers with Asperger Syndrome is broken-hearted after her family told FOX 4 their neighbor shot and killed the girl’s dog.

Hannah Guzman, 14, was always with her best bud, Tobee.

“He was like a therapy dog to me, honestly. I get really stressed out. School is stressful, life is stressful, and that dog was always there for me. He was just really important to me,” she said.

The teen will never see Tobee again. Her family says their next door neighbor shot and killed Hannah’s dog Saturday after he got loose, off North Campbell in northern Kansas City.

“The dog was in his yard or somewhere. The neighbor went into his house, got his gun, and came back out and shot my dog.” Guzman said,

Hannah’s grandfather told us at about 8 a.m. Saturday, his daughter let the family’s two dogs out, and somehow, Tobee ended up outside after the woman went back in the house. He said his son heard a gunshot, and then the grandfather ran outside and found Tobee shot in the neck, gasping for air, underneath a sheet. He says his family rushed the dog to an emergency veterinarian, but there was no chance for Tobee. Doctors euthanized him Saturday.

FOX 4 spoke with the man the Guzmans say shot the dog. He said he was “defending his family,” though he wouldn’t elaborate or go on camera. One thing our news crew noticed was a dog in that man’s back yard, something Hannah Guzman says sickens her.

“That’s probably the most disgusting part of it to me. As someone who owns a dog, I couldn’t imagine hurting anyone else’s dog, unless that dog was already hurting me,” she said.

And according to the Guzman family, that wasn’t the case. Hannah argues, if he had time to get into the safety of his home, why didn’t he just stay inside?

“He has our phone number; he could’ve called the police, animal control. We probably would’ve been willing to pay the fine for him being loose,” said Guzman.

Again, the man did not deny shooting the dog, instead said he was defending his family. After FOX 4 spoke with him, they put up a note on the door, asking people not to wake their babies by knocking.

The Guzman family tells FOX 4 that officers arrested the neighbor, though we haven’t been able to confirm any details with police. FOX 4 reached out to the Kansas City Police Department on Sunday for confirmation, but was told no one could help us with our request. The family tells us they plan to take the man to court.

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