KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s been more than a decade and the Pouncil family is still searching for answers as to what happened to Kimani Pouncil.

On Oct. 16, 2008, the Kansas City Police Department found his body near 33rd and Gennesse. It was his 18th birthday, and the family says the young man had autism.

The Pouncil family tells me unfortunately they still don’t know how Kimani ended up there. It’s a mystery they are still hoping to solve.

October 16 will forever be a difficult day for the Pouncil family.

“Every year we have to say happy birthday and RIP at the same time,” said Markena Pouncil, Kimani Pouncil’s cousin.

In a video from the night he was found, police had the area closed off as invetigators went to gather evidence.

“He was dumped out here like he was trash. And that’s the most hurtful thing is that nobody knows anything. And without evidence, you know, it’s kind of hard to convict someone.”

Since that day 14 years ago, Markena Pouncil says there hasn’t been much information or leads to why or how his body got to this area.

“We don’t know what happened from the time he left his house in Kansas City, Kansas, to the time he was found over here.”

Markena Pouncil has made it her mission to get KCPD to continue to look at the evidence in his case. She hopes with advancements in forensic science and DNA technology, they can find something.

“Hopefully, everything is still intact, and the evidence has not been compromised, or anything like that, or the integrity of the case has not been affected, and we can, you know, allow KCPD to go ahead and do the best that they can do.”

FOX4 contatced KCPD about this investigation but they did not give any details. They said they would look into Kimani’s case this week.

For now, Markena Pouncil says she is not giving up until justice is served.

“He was a sweet kid. I mean, he didn’t deserve this. And I’m just frustrated, because it’s like, being a cold case doesn’t mean that it’s a closed case.”