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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Along with many other Labor Day celebrations this weekend, was one in the Oak Park neighborhood.

It was an event put on by the community to combat gun violence.

“This is what we do to try to improve the way we live around here,” Oak Park Neighborhood Association President, Pat Clarke said.

The community wanted to show everyone there is more to the neighborhood than gun violence.

“Though we have gunfire around here, and it’s like doorbells, we still get up and go to work every day,” Clarke said. “We still rejoice, and we still get up and be Oak Park.”

There were kids, adults and families that came out to celebrate life.

There were also games, food, local vendors, and music.

“We just trying to let people know that it’s not just the crime in Oak Park,” said Clarke. “It’s the people that like living here.”

“It keeps you busy instead of being in the streets,” volunteer Josiah Berryman said. “You’re somewhere helping out and doing something that’s helping you mentally and physically.”

There were volunteers from other communities, too.

“We’re working together for all of our communities and all of our neighbors to have a better quality of life,” Gale Burrus, president of Eastwood Hills Community Association, said.

Neighbors said even though this won’t completely stop gun violence, it’s a step in the right direction.

Oak Park is a part of a pilot program called KC 360, where local leaders and nonprofits are working to decrease shootings and homicides.