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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One of Kansas City’s biggest neighborhoods is fed up with its board and now the neighbors are trying to replace them.

But the meeting to do so was cancelled at the last minute. 

474 city blocks, 6,000 neighbors and more than 3,500 households. That’s what the Ivanhoe neighborhood is made up of.

For the last several months, many have been frustrated by the board that oversees this part of the city.

 “They’re in my opinion, acting as a rouge organization and they’re picking what rules they want to follow,” neighborhood resident, Alan Young said.

Their frustrations center around the way the neighborhood council is spending money, their overall transparency and a community center that is supposed to be a safe space but is closed.

 “It signals a continued unwillingness to commit to the process that’s set forth by the by laws and by state statutes,” Young said.

A meeting was set today to address these concerns and it was also an opportunity for neighbors to vote on new board members. But that meeting was cancelled.

“It’s been a disregard of the wishes of the residents by the board and the director. Most of the board needs to be replaced.”

FOX4 reached out to the president of the Ivanhoe neighborhood council board with a call Saturday afternoon. We did not get an answer.

“I don’t know how we go forward if something doesn’t change,” Young said.

Neighbors are now being told that the meeting will take place at the beginning of December.