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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police are now investigating at least 20 instances of highway or roadway shootings in the Kansas City area after seven more reports were made this week. As of Sunday, April 6, no new shootings have been reported.

On Wednesday, police and ATF agents, along with their canines, were in the area of 71 Highway at the 85th St. exit looking for evidence related to the recent highway shootings. In the evening on Wednesday, police shut down Grandview Road over I-435 looking for evidence. Thursday morning, police returned to that area.

Kansas City Police Captain Tye Grant said at least seven additional people reported their vehicles were shot while driving in the Kansas City area. Police are not sure if one or several suspects are responsible for the shootings.

“This is not a game. The person or persons that are doing this if they are not considering the consequence of their actions, they should. People can die from being hit by bullets,” said Capt.Grant.

Grant said police have received a number of tips and are following up on those.

“I’m not going to get into specifics on the tips,” Grant said. “We’ve had some that we’re following up on and will urge people to continue to call the TIPS Hotline.”

On Tuesday, police said they had linked some of the previous 13 shootings together. Of the seven more instances reported since media coverage began, police did not indicate if they were able to link them to the others previously reported.

The original 13 confirmed shootings happened in Kansas City, Mo. Seven of those happened in the evening hours in the Grandview Triangle area. The other three happened in Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit and Leawood, according to police.

In some instances, police believe it’s possible the gunman drives next to a random car on a road or highway and opens fire with a handgun before veering off a highway exit or roadway split.

Some drivers who frequently travel the area known as the Grandview Triangle have tried to change their route, while others know there’s little they can do but stay alert.

“It is frustrating and the number one thing is the concern for the citizens, we want them to be safe,” said Sgt. Joe Fanara of Blue Springs Police Dept. “We want them to travel our roadways and interstates you know, and make it to their destinations.”

The ATF and FBI are helping police in the investigation. The TIPS Hotline is offering up to $7,000 for information leading to the arrest of the gunman(s).

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