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KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  The Kansas City, Mo., School District on Wednesday began the process of removing and shredding documents from Bingham Junior High School that allegedly contained personal information.

The school district confirmed there were files left in the school after FOX 4 broke the story on Monday. The district promised to remove and shred them within 48 hours, which they did.

It’s not clear how many boxes of files were left in the building but Danielle Robinson now knows her daughter’s file was there and she’s angry.

FOX 4 discovered the files after a source gave FOX 4’s Kathy Quinn a box of student files that included social security numbers and copies of birth certificates.

Students from Bingham contacted FOX 4 because they were upset.

Robinson said she doesn’t understand why her daughter’s file was in the school since she attended Pearson Headstart in 2006. Bingham closed in 2001. Neighbors told FOX 4 for years the school has been wide open with no security until Wednesday when crews came to remove the files,

“I was shocked,” Robinson said. “I mean to hear that my daughter’s records were at that school when she was not even born or when they closed the school was pretty amazing kind of blew my mind. I was really disappointed that the district would just leave all those kids’ files and that have been to the school and walk away and never even think about it.”

Robinson told FOX 4 she is going to contact the district and ask for an explanation.