KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Officers were in a standoff with a suspect near the 2600 block of E. 30th Street.

Around 1:50 p.m. Sunday, officers were called to the area on a reported disturbance.

Upon arrival, they were contacted by the mother of an adult female victim stating her daughter had been kidnapped and taken to a nearby apartment.

She said she was kidnapped in a neighboring city by a known associate who is an adult male, and brought them to the location the officers were called to.

The woman told officers that the victim notified her of the incident through text message.

Officers went to the described apartment and attempted to make contact with the adult male for further investigation and after numerous attempts to get the male to come out peacefully, they were unsuccessful.

Furthermore, they de-escalated and surrounded the apartment to prevent escape and protect surrounding residents.

Officers then called for an Operation 100/police standoff to bring additional resources and trained negotiators to help bring a peaceful resolution.

Around 5:45 p.m., the suspect exited the apartment and officers took the adult male into custody without incident. The victim was safely located and will be reunited with her family.

The investigation into a kidnapping is ongoing.

FOX4 will keep you updated as more details come along.